Thursday 17th February – True Grit

So here we are. The first meeting.

How is it going to work? Well, it is all very simple. We meet in a pub on Thursday evening after work, and then wander over to a cinema. Then we will watch True Grit. No point in over-complicating these things eh?

If you fancy coming along to the first meeting then you need to e-mail Manchester Cinema Club at before midnight on Tuesday 15th to let us know.

Then I will send an e-mail sometime on Wednesday telling you where we are meeting and at what time.

I could just say now, but where would the mystery and suspense be in that scenario? This way is more fun.

As an aside, and in response to the comment below, it will always be an evening showing.

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7 Responses to Thursday 17th February – True Grit

  1. screen150 says:

    ooh, how exciting. As long as its an evening showing. I can’t do afternoon…. 😛

  2. curlyshirley says:

    Awww, I can’t make Thursday as I have a MadLab Year Book meet thing that evening but would definitely be interested in future events….as an aside Captain America looks like pants.

  3. Helen says:

    Sorry matey-pants, no can make it. Working on a *thing*.


  4. I can’t go either as it’s the same night as the Liverpool Speculative Fiction meeting. And I’m also going to see it with some friends, although Film 2011 said ‘it’s the sort of film you’ll want to see again and again.’ I’ll make more of an effort next time, as long as it’s not a romance, and it has a car chase or a few monsters in it, and preferably a beam weapon or two.

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  6. GillMPhoto says:

    Really wanted to go to this & enjoy a film with y’all. But I’ve just started a yoga class (New Years Resolution Number 15) on a Thurs. Promise you’ll pick another night for the next one & then I can join you 🙂
    PS Liking that solo eye patch.

    • benjaminjudge says:

      Yoga eh? Sounds… healthy. I can do that bend over backwards thingy on the wii fit quite well.

      For all of you who can’t make Thursdays, never fear. We have a Tuesday on the 29th of March and in April, a Wednesday. We even have a few Mondays.

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