A change of plans.

This week Manchester Cinema Club has moved from Wednesday to Thursday. This is due entirely to the fact that Orange Wednesday will make the cinemas busy – and in no part, whatsoever, to do with the second leg of the FA Youth Cup Semi-final between Man Utd and Chelsea being played on Wednesday and being £3 in at Old Trafford.

This week we will be watching Meek’s Cutoff

We will be watching it at the Cornerhouse. It starts at 8:30 so we will be gathering for drinks and intelligent discussion about what is better Karate Kid 3 or The Next Karate Kid from about 7:30.

Come along why don’t you. Everyone is welcome.

(If you want to go cinema-ing, but you don’t know what we look like and you are worried you will be standing around like a lemon – send us an e-mail at mcrcinemaclub@gmail.com – and say hello)

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March 29th – Submarine

Tomorrow… (I know, I know, get organised Ben you Chuzzlewit) (and don’t talk about yourself in the third person Ben. You know Ben doesn’t like it when Ben talks about Ben)

Tomorrow… at 6.55… we will be meeting in the foyer of the Odeon (Printworks) to watch Submarine. Come along why don’t you…

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Thursday 10th March – The Adjustment Bureau

At the risk of appearing Matt Damon obsessed, Manchester Cinema Club will be watching The Adjustment Bureau on March 10th.

Same drill as last time; an e-mail to me, an e-mail to you.

If you fancy coming along to see The Adjustment Bureau then you need to e-mail Manchester Cinema Club at mcrcinemaclub@gmail.com before midnight on Tuesday 8th saying something like “yes please, count me in on your trip to see The Adjustment Bureau”.

Then I will send you an e-mail sometime on Wednesday telling you where we are all meeting (on Thursday) and at what time.

The old series of mysterious e-mails gambit. It is what makes Manchester Cinema Club so exciting (and mysterious).

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Thursday 17th February – True Grit

So here we are. The first meeting.

How is it going to work? Well, it is all very simple. We meet in a pub on Thursday evening after work, and then wander over to a cinema. Then we will watch True Grit. No point in over-complicating these things eh?

If you fancy coming along to the first meeting then you need to e-mail Manchester Cinema Club at mcrcinemaclub@gmail.com before midnight on Tuesday 15th to let us know.

Then I will send an e-mail sometime on Wednesday telling you where we are meeting and at what time.

I could just say now, but where would the mystery and suspense be in that scenario? This way is more fun.

As an aside, and in response to the comment below, it will always be an evening showing.

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So far we have had suggestions for a children’s film, a trip to the Spanish Cinema season at the Cornerhouse, and for some Captain America action (which was partly filmed in Manchester).

What do you want to see this year? Put that down in the comments box why don’t you?

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Houston. We have a program.

Hello, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope you are ready for some cinema. I certainly am. I have been checking in on the poll over the festive period and the results were, well, inconclusive. So, a decision has been made: we will meet on different days. The whole point of the Manchester Cinema Club is that it gets people out to the cinema. If we move the meetings around then some people might not be able to watch every film but everybody should be able to watch some films. (as Abraham Lincoln would probably have said had he set up a blog on WordPress that organised trips to the cinema)

Next question. How do we pick the films we go to see? There are a million and one ways we could do this but they all risk being over-complicated or too easily rigged. I suggest that if there is a film, or a genre of film, that you really want to see but that you can’t persuade any one to go with you, that you send me an e-mail at mcrcinemaclub(at)gmail.com and I will do my best to get it on the list of films we see.

There are twenty-one planned meetings for 2011. Plenty of time to fit in at least one blockbuster, a western, a sci-fi masterpiece, a comedy, a children’s film, a horror film at Halloween, a couple of arty films and a dumb Christmas cheesefest. And anything else you like.

I have set up a page on the blog called ‘Now Showing…’ Click on it and you can see this year’s program and start putting the dates in your diary.

You will note we have a first film…

True Grit was suggested by Dave Hartley who runs Manchester’s other essential movie website, Screen150.

Closer to the date I will post a preview of the film which will include all the whens wheres and what time exactlys that you will need to know to come along.

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This here is where the magic will happen.

I wrote a post about possibly setting up a cinema club (like a book club but with films instead of books and perhaps beer instead of tea and coffee) and it got a favourable response. So here we are.

Now we need to decide how it will work. First of all is the when. Ignoring the weekend because it will be busy, let’s pick a day…

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